Simple. Elegant. Fast.

Meet IT Wollongong’s “Baseline” WordPress theme.

Baseline is a fast, sleek, no-nonsense foundation for your WordPress business website. It’s responsive, current, blocks-friendly, and gets blazing-fast scores on Google Page Speed Insights. That’s because we are SEO experts who built it with performance as our #1 priority.

Don’t pay big bucks for a “premium” theme that isn’t even unique to your site.

Free yourself from page builders that slow down your site with unnecessary markup and scripting.

Don’t settle for a theme that will nag you about “recommended” plugins you don’t even need.

We made Baseline to be a high-performance modern WordPress theme for businesses who want a website that works without complications. Where you want to sell your goods, publish blog articles or just provide the best face for your business, you can have it all when you build on the ideal Baseline.

Just take a look around to see it in action!

Beauty without compromise.

With modern tools, it’s easy to make a WordPress site that looks great. However, too often that means compromising on speed and simplicity. We don’t believe beauty should come at the cost of function, so that’s why we made Baseline—to provide a highly effective, blazing fast foundation for our customers’ websites.

Not only does this make search engines happier, it also offers the best experience for your visitors. Speed and ease of use are major factors in user satisfaction, so don’t let them keep you from a better relationship with your valued customers.

Beautiful blogging »

Regular unique content is a great way to keep your audience engaged, and what better way than with a blog? Baseline features a simple, effective blog layout so you can stay focused on what matters—content. Whether you want your blog to be personal and laidback, or a more structured outlet for business news and updates, Baseline’s content-first presentation works perfectly for both formal and informal styles.

Striking feature pages »

Whether it’s a special event or a keystone service, sometimes you need to give a certain page a little extra presence. Baseline features a variety of page templates to give you more control without compromising on consistency. It’s also fully compatible with the “Gutenberg” blocks editor (and most custom block plugins—we like Getwid best!) so you can fully exercise your creativity on beautiful, distinctive feature pages.

Sales with style »

If you’re looking to use WordPress for an online shop, you’ll be happy to know that Baseline is fully compatible with the leading ecommerce plugin WooCommerce. With styling that extends seamlessly from regular content through to product listings and checkout, Baseline provides a beautiful and functional shopping experience for your visitors.

Flexibility, not complication.

Baseline comes with two built-in colour schemes to suit your style. Or, if you’re confident in your own design abilities, you can turn off the built-in colour schemes and add your own custom CSS for maximum control. So you don’t need to be a designer (but it’s okay if you are!).

Need something truly unique? Have us create a customised Baseline child theme at a surprisingly affordable price. Whether you need a few tweaks or a complete restyle, it’s the best way to benefit from Baseline‘s sleek design with a look that’s entirely your own.

The expertise to make it fly.

Of course, making WordPress go fast is about more than just a robust theme. If you’re not a technical expert, IT Wollongong has the expertise to optimise your site for a super speedy, highly functional experience that always presents your best to your visitors. Along with continually developing our Baseline theme, we’ve been optimising WordPress sites for years, so we know the plugins and configuration you can trust to make your site fly.

Screenshot of this Baseline demo website scoring 98% on Google's Page Speed Insights evaluation

Combined with our standard minimal selection of optimisation plugins, sites built on baseline consistently score 90-100 on Google’sPage Speed Insights evaluation, proving their efficiency and user-friendliness. In fact, IT Wollongong guarantees that the Baseline website we design and build for you will reach scores of 90 or higher.

You don’t have to take our word for it—test this very page yourself, you’ll see that our results are genuine.

Head over to IT Wollongong to find out more about our small business hosted WordPress sites. You’ll love the site we build for you with Baseline!

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